Field Notes by Johny Brown and Inga Tillere - Book

from Band Of Holy Joy

A selection of journal entries and radio plays that contributed to a pirate radio station project whose focus was the North Sea but whose span somehow reached most parts of the planet, a wayward tale if you like, of Radio Joy and the Drunken Boat.

Johny Brown: Writer | Stationmaster
Inga Tillere: Imagemaster

MOLOKO PRINT 019 | 2015
Copyright © Johny Brown and Inga Tillere 2015
Edited by Johny Brown and Inga Tillere.
Design and layout by Inga Tillere.
ISBN 978-3-943603-20-0

'Radio Joy ( lives up to its name. The online radio offshoot of Johny Brown’s Band of Holy Joy, this claims rather grandly to showcase “the artistic aristocrats of the internet airwaves”. It is, in fact, a place to find some thrilling art radio, the kind of thing that respects no boundaries and relishes the experimental.’
- Elisabeth Mahoney, The Guardian 2009

‘Tune in, turn on, never mind drop out, just find the signal.’
- Den Browne, writer

'The artistic aristocrats of the internet airwaves'
- Eddie Woods, poet, prose writer, editor and publisher

‘So, this is us, crowded by unruly visions, plagued by futural ghosts, watching the world end. We push out a sound, we try our utmost to break some static. Come and have a go if you think you’re strange or deranged enough’.
- Stationmaster

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Band Of Holy Joy London, UK

Margin walkers and midnight drifters, Band of Holy Joy have wandered liminal landscapes of their own making for 3 decades now. The weirdness and wildness of the landscape they stagger through, the askew vision like a crash between Coleridge, Brecht and David Peace, the literary allusions and poetry, the strangeness of it all. A cultural piracy raiding doomed melancholy and gentrified mediocrity. ... more


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